Wound Care

Feet take you places

To alleviate the social reproduction cycle of poverty, you will be helping locals get back on their feet.

Jiggers were introduced to Africa during the colonial period, unfortunately this problem has manifested itself for centuries post colonialism. These parasites borough themselves into people’s feet, often completely disabling the person mobility. Jiggers affect more than just the feet. Clinically it’s been shown that they have neurological, psychosocial and developmental affects.

We need our people to break free of the shackles of Jiggers and move on. As part of wound care, Brother’s Keeper Kenya removes Jigger’s from people’s feet and provides medication for wound management

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Girl Child Empowerment

It’s not easy being a girl child anywhere in the world. It’s even harder in this community where little to no education is given and there is little recognition of the challenges women and girls face. Lack of sanitary and hygiene products hinders girls tremendously in their growth and achievement in society. Brother’s Keeper is uplifting the lives of girl children by providing them with education, sanitary and hygiene products.

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Community Development and Outreach

Poverty is a cyclic phenomenon that effects all members of the family in multiple facets of their lives. Poverty leads to health complications and educational disadvantage, which in turn take away from families the tools to elevate themselves out of poverty. At Brother’s Keeper, we aim to give these families the health services and education that will assist them to improve their own conditions. We teach the farmers the use of modern farming techniques, and local craftsmen means by which they can export their handicrafts out of their village.

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