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What do we do?

We are group of volunteers helping disinfranchised communities in Kenya by providing them medical and basic necessities. Please browse this website to learn about our mission. We have organized mutliple campaigns to provide rural communicaties with medical supplies and educational services, particlarly the removal of Jiggers and providing personal hygene products. See how you can help by getting in touch with us, or by donating to our campaign. DONATE

This is a familty of five children. Their mother passed away, but could not be buried in her husband's village because she bore only girls. The oldest is 12 years old and the youngest is about a year old - she was left an orphan at 3 months old. The girls are now living with their grandparents and need your help by donating clothes, shoes and food. They also have medical issues and need your help with de-wormers and other services

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Support the needy; by clothes we give the naked, food for starving families, shelter for families with with no roofs over their head, supporting underpreveliged students and teaching families on how to plan better given limited resources

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Feel free to reach out to us at 254-712-921187